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General Dentistry

Dental x-ray

Dental Check-Up

Depends on your oral health situation, we recommend check-ups and cleaning every 3-6 months. During each visit, your gums and teeth will be evaluated and in case you would benefit from fluoride therapy, we will recommend it to you. Cancer screening will be done on the first visit for all patients and will be done once a year on high-risk individuals and +50 patients.

Restorative Treatments

Due to dental decay or trauma, teeth may damage partially or completely that would need restoration or replacement in order to recreate the function and aesthetic. We evaluate each case to choose the best treatment option. Restorative treatments include but not limited to:

  • Dental Filling

  • Crown and bridge

  • Partial and complete dentures


Root Canal Therapy (RCT)

When a tooth is dead due to an old or recent trauma, or if the cavity is deep enough to involve the pulp (nerve) section of the tooth, root canal therapy will be the option to save the tooth. The tooth may be painful or symptomless. Most of the times, X-Ray image will help determine the need for RCT.

Dental Surgery

When the tooth is severely damaged, infected, or due to the lack of room in the arch to accommodate all teeth, extraction is going to be necessary. Before removing any tooth, cases will be evaluated and if needed, options for replacement of the extracted tooth/teeth will be presented to you.

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TMJ Disorders

TMJ disorder has a variety of symptoms; from a slight pain-free click of the joint to complete dislodegment and lock of the jaw. Patients will be evaluated and instructed on how to alleviate or prevent TMJ disorder. Dental appliances will be recommended based on individual needs. Feel free to contact us for consultation.


Deciduous teeth are as important as permanent teeth. Loss of primary teeth prematurely would negatively impact the child's growth. We highly recommend the first visit before the first birthday and routine check-ups thereafter. Our pediatric services include:

  • Cleaning and sealants

  • Fillings

  • Pulp therapy of the deciduous teeth

  • Stainless steel Crown

  • Space Maintainer

General: Services
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